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KaDé spread for young and old


For a lot of people the traditional sandwich is a part of the daily menu. Some consider bread to be rather boring, but the right sandwich filling will turn this daily sandwich into a real delicacy. Would you like to look forward to that slice of bread during lunch, than certainly have a go at the extensive range of spreads of KaDé!

Discover our different kinds of spreads


Our range counts lots of heavenly delicious spreads, all prepared based on fresh, low-fat cheese. Our Chocbloc for example is a fresh spread with real Belgian chocolate. Choka and Chomelka in their turn offer all the good taste of low-fat cheese, Belgian chocolate and hazelnuts. The extensive range of Paschka spread contains lots of combinations with amongst others strawberry, stracciatella and banana.


Our spread, fresh and delicious


Thanks to our spread, you can turn your sandwich into a real delicacy. Our extensive range of spreads will certainly surprise you each day! By its freshness, the KaDé spread will not have such a sticky taste as some other spreads.

Thanks to our spread, you can turn your sandwich into a real delicacy.

The adding of cream cheese is an absolute plus value, that turns our spread into a top sandwich filling for young and old.


Enjoying the healthy KaDé spreads


With the KaDé spread it's possible to enjoy your daily sandwich in a more varied way. Whether you choose Chocbloc, Chomelka, Choka or Paschka: each spread will tingle your taste buds as of the first bite! Would you like to have more information on our different kinds of spreads or do you want to develop an interesting concept yourself? Do not hesitate and contact KaDé as soon as possible.

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