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Trendsetters in herb butter


Absolutely delicious and excellent with fish or steamed vegetables, to make one's mouth water over a tender steak or simple yet sophisticated on a delicious warm bread roll: KaDé herb butter will feel at home everywhere. This delicacy is simply a must-have for each fridge. Our range is not just limited to the timeless Classic herb butter. Therefore, if you would really like to spoil your taste buds, take a look and check out our extensive range of herb butter.

Three variants of herb butter, something for everybody's liking


Of course, our range cannot do without the Classic herb butter. After all, it's pure, fresh taste is a favourite of many gourmets! Nevertheless, it does not stop here; next to the classic herb butter our range also contains the variants Garlic and Steak & Grill, each offering their specific touch, presenting something to everybody's liking. On top of that, each of these kinds of herb butter are always prepared with fresh garden herbs and spices, providing an unequalled taste. Both the Classic as the Garlic and Steak & Grill herb butters are available in rolls of 125 g, but you can also have them in bigger rolls of 500 g or 1 kg.

Of course, our range cannot do without the Classic herb butter.

KaDé herb butter: freshness in a tub


At KaDé, we always react to the latest trends and tendencies regarding herb butters. Now, you have tubs of spreadable herb butter available in the flavours pomodori (with the soft, sweet taste of cherry tomatoes), pesto and authentic black truffle. Do you have another taste in mind that you would like to combine with herb butter? Then do not hesitate and inform us about it. After all, private labelling is one of our biggest trump cards.

Nothing better than the taste of fresh herb butter!

Nothing better than the taste of fresh herb butter


Our herb butter will certainly be a big success on a summer barbecue or during a cosy dinner. By using super fresh products, the KaDé sandwich fillings represent a world of difference (in taste) with those of other producers. Would you as a professional like to extend your own brand with our absolutely delicious herb butter, or do you prefer to develop your own product? Then contact KaDé as soon as possible. We will gladly fix an appointment with you to look into your possibilities!

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