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The private label products of KaDé


Ever since the beginning, improvement has always been one of our main issues. How we want to achieve this? By lending an attentive ear to our customers and responding constantly to the latest trends. Therefore, of course, it is not surprising that private labelling is the strongest trump card of KaDé. In this way, we develop custom-made products according to the wishes of our customer, as of the packaging until the realization of the most original tastes.


Having your private label realized


KaDé stands for quality and we also want to realize it in our private label products. Lending an attentive ear to the customer, responding to his wishes, contributing to a unique concept and go on: we take up any challenge. On top of that, we always consider it an honour to be responsible for the customer's private label and it pleases us to create a product of which you are not just 100 %, but 200 % delighted.


Quality comes first for our private labels


All products of KaDé have the BRC-label. On top of that, an external consultant guides and assists us on a permanent basis, allowing us to offer our customers an absolute quality guarantee on our private labels. Moreover, KaDé finds effective product development very important; in which we continuously test, improve and renew our products.


Our trump card: private labelling


Flexibility, innovation dynamics... These are only some of the characteristics that turn KaDé into the perfect partner to create your private label. Our internal production allows us a prompt reaction and in case of possible changes, we can intervene immediately. If you would like to know more on our private label goals, you can always contact us by mail or phone. We will gladly fix an appointment with you to check all options and possibilities!

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