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KaDé's own brands


Mellow chocolate spread, irresistible cheese pies, scrumptious herb cheeses and lots of delicious spreads... KaDé's range consists of a vast choice of sandwich fillings, desserts and sauces, belonging to different own brands, each having their specific products. Keep on reading and find out what Chocbloc, KaDé, Paschka and Arnouts have to offer you!


Chocbloc, KaDé, Paschka and Arnouts


In 1993, Chocbloc was born; a delicious spread based on fresh cheese, that we produce ourselves. Thanks to the great success of ChocBloc we soon decided to extend our offer and after a little while, the name KaDé saw the light of day. Our range is completed by the brands Paschka and Arnouts, allowing us to offer our customers a large choice in different kinds of sandwich fillings and scrumptious desserts.


What our own brands have to offer


The greatest trump card of both Chocbloc, Arnouts, Paschka as well as KaDé is the fact that all products are prepared with the freshest ingredients. Whether it is about herb cheeses or chocolate spread, herb butters or different kinds of cheese pies: quality prevails over quantity at KaDé. For this reason, all our products are constantly tested and improved in order to guarantee the highest quality.


KaDé lends an attentive ear to its customers


Chocbloc, Arnouts, KaDé and Paschka: together, these brands represent a large range with different kinds of sandwich fillings and desserts, in which service, quality and flexibility always come first. Would you as a professional like to extend your offer with own brand products? Do not hesitate and contact us. KaDé will make out a case and be all ears to its customers and respond to their wishes!

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