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Get to know KaDé


What started out as the production of one spread, soon developed into a booming, dynamic company. The fact is, Kadé started out with the Chocbloc sandwich filling and extended its range over the years with artisan chocolate spreads and cheese pies. After the development of a new Chocbloc-packaging things started to get going and, as a result, KaDé has several own brands, that all stand together piece by piece for high quality products.


What KaDé can offer...


Next to Chocbloc, Arnouts and Paschka also belong to the KaDé family. These own brands offer a large range of several kinds of sandwich fillings and delicious desserts. Herb cheese and herb butter, spreads, delicious sweet chocolate spread, smooth cheese pies... you will find it all within the range of KaDé! Whether it involves a summer barbeque, a festive dinner or just simply your daily sandwich: KaDé always aims at offering that little bit extra!


Innovation, dynamics and flexibility


Stagnation means decline, and that is exactly why KaDé keeps on renewing and improving its products on a permanent basis. We test everything ourselves and we aim at offering our customers only the very best products. When creating private labels, we make every effort to impress and to provide a product that corresponds 100 % with the customer's wishes as well as ours, of course. After all, quality prevails over quantity for KaDé.


Realising top products with KaDé


The strength of KaDé is certainly based on our flexible, innovative character. In this way, we always try to respond to the newest trends and we are also a creative player in the area of private labelling. On top of that, we are a personal company and we find the contact with the customer very important. So, do you have an idea you would like to realize or would you just like to have some information on KaDé? Then you simply have to contact us and discover all about our company!

Our delicious house brands:
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